A crap load of the make-up selection is marked anywhere from 50-75% off!!  A majority of it being 75% off!  I got my Physician's Formula Foundation for $3.95!  I normally pay $15.29!!  Plus some of the P.F. items have $2, $3, and $4 coupons on them!  Please remember to be fair to others and DO NOT REMOVE the coupons from items you're not buying!!  I also got a ton of Sally Hansen nail polish at 75% off...add in the $0.50 off coupons from the Wal-Mart flyer a few months back and you have free nail polish!!!  I do believe this is all CVS stores!
I just got home from a quick stop at Micheal's and am I ever glad I stopped!  I always check the clearance section and of course the holiday items since they clearance randomly.  Tonight I found 28 piece paper books marked down to $0.99!!  Yes they are Halloween packs, but at least half of the patterns can be used at any time!  The paper pack has some foil pieces and glittery pieces too!  An amazing deal...marked down from $14.99.  The packs were with the current stock..on an end cap.  I hope someone else can find these deal too!
If you're a petperks member you can log into your account and print out 2 $5 off any Authority food purchase coupons..and a 15% off coupon as well.  If you're not a member, go to petsmart.com to sign up now, its free and they'll give you a temporary card to print out and use.  Ok so the bags are normally $7.99 and on sale for $5.99.  Coupon makes them $0.99.  At our Petsmart there were also coupons on the shelf, 2 free cans of Authority Wet Food w. Any Authority purchase!!  3 items for $0.99 or less if you use the 15% off coupon.  I did find one bag of kitten food that was clearanced to $3.99 so I made $1 on that purchase.  Also the register takes the full $1.58 off for the wet food even though they're on sale for $0.70 each :)
I hit the kiosk at CVS this morning....and both my fiance and I got a coupon for $3 off any 2 Wet & Wild Items!  They have 99cent items!!  So you can get 3 99cent bottles of nail polish and it will take the $3 off or get 2 99cent items and get an additional $1 off the rest of your bill!  Remember you can scan your card 2 times a day!
Ok the deal is buy $20 worth of a certain product, get $10 EB.  The AirWick iMotions are on sale for $4.99.  Buy 4, use 4 $4 off coupons...and one $4 off $20 if you have it....and you pay nothing!  This should trigger the $10 EB w/o a problem.  I did it this morning!
if you go to the site I have provided below...sign up...and choose today's deal. the vases for $6.  when you provide a valid e-mail address you get a $10 credit.  this offer even has free shipping!  you have to enter your credit card for validation ONLY!  we did this offer twice, one for me, one for my fiance...there was no charge to either account!  if you can get your friends to sign up quick and do the same offer...you get $10 more to spend another time!  ok so to finish off this deal you will receive a voucher in your email the next day to redeem at the vasestore.com.  you can then pick which ones you want!  for free :)  good luck! 
Ok I just recently fell in love with the All You magazine...if you're a couponer...you need this magazine!  The first issue I bought...I used $18+ worth of the coupons within 3 days!  And I still have a stack I intend on using!  So here's how.  Go here and sign up for the 2 free issues : HERE
When I clicked Submit my Order, a page came up for the offer to save $5 now if you take the subscription.  That's $14.90...no waiting for cash back or building up money to get a check...that's INSTANT SAVINGS!  At $1.24 an issue, you just cannot go wrong.  My first issue was August 2011 and it contained $59.90 in coupons...and I bet 75% of them I WILL use! 
I don't buy diapers but this sounded like a pretty good deal!  Babies R' Us and Toys R' Us are running a sale on their Huggies Slip On Diapers for $7/pk.  You can go here <3 and print out a $3 off coupon!  $4 for a pack of diapers?!  I think so! Also at CVS, they’re on sale for $8.99 and part of the buy $30 get $10 gas card through Sat. Stack with $2.00/1 CVS printable.  That's an even better deal! 
Buy 4 pks  at $8.99
Use 4 $3 off coupons
Use 4 $2 off coupons
PAY: $15.96 and get a $10 gas card!
So I went to wal-mart today and used about 50 coupons.  I had my bill all figured out ahead of time and knew I shouldn't of have to pay more then a couple dollars.  The cashier told me it was $10.50.  There was a lot of drama and I just wanted to leave so I thought, I'll figure it out later.  Here, none of the overages were applied to my total!  I had a bunch of items that were 97 cents or less, and I used a $1 off coupon.  It said it took the $1 off, but it didn't.  I added the entire bill up, and not one red cent was applied!  I called and spoke to a manager and he said it doesn't do it automatically, the cashier has to key it in??  Not sure how or why, but if you're expecting overages at wal-mart, check your total!  They are going to reimburse me...but I don't drive so now I have to find ANOTHER ride to wal-mart to fix a $8.00 mistake!
I was just getting ready for another shopping trip at Rite-Aid and seen another deal!
Buy Aquafresh Toothpaste $1.99
Use VideoValue for $1.50
Use Printable Coupon from their Website for $1.00

That's free toothpaste and an extra 50 cents off your bill!