If you're a petperks member you can log into your account and print out 2 $5 off any Authority food purchase coupons..and a 15% off coupon as well.  If you're not a member, go to petsmart.com to sign up now, its free and they'll give you a temporary card to print out and use.  Ok so the bags are normally $7.99 and on sale for $5.99.  Coupon makes them $0.99.  At our Petsmart there were also coupons on the shelf, 2 free cans of Authority Wet Food w. Any Authority purchase!!  3 items for $0.99 or less if you use the 15% off coupon.  I did find one bag of kitten food that was clearanced to $3.99 so I made $1 on that purchase.  Also the register takes the full $1.58 off for the wet food even though they're on sale for $0.70 each :)

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