The 100 days of Nivea is still going on for another 60 days at Rite-Aid.  Spend $100 on ANY Nivea Products and earn $40 in UpRewards.  Right now the Women's Body Wash is on sale and there's coupons!

Women's Nivea Body Wash $3.99
Use Save $2 Coupon
Pay $1.99
x 25 ($49.75)
Earn $40 UpRewards
If you're good and know how to get your hands on the coupons you only need to buy 25 of these.  Sounds crazy, but like me, I LOVE NIVEA BODYWASH!  So I'm totally ok with spending $50 and getting $40 back!

The men's body wash is 25% off,  and there's $1 off coupon on that as well.  Most stores will accept the $2 off coupon so that brings the mens b.w. to $1.74!

Buy 26 Nivea Body Washes - Pay $1.74 x 26 (if $2 coupon is accepted)
Buy 2 Nivea Chapsticks - $3.01
Use $3 off 2 Chapsticks
Pay $48.25
Earn $40 UpRewards

Ok so this is more then likely an oversight but its a major money maker and it has worked for me 4 times so far.  You can go to petsmarts website and print out a coupon for $5 off ANY Nourish Cat or Dog Food.  They have cans of wet food for $1.  When the coupons are scanned they take $5 off, as long as you're bill is more then then $5.  If it goes into the negative the coupon will not be allowed!  Combine this with the current ExquisiCat Litter $25 Rebate and you make out great!
Buy 2 ExquisiCat Litters @ $13.99 each
Buy 2 Nourish Wet Foods @ $1.00 each
Use 2 $5 off Nourish Food Coupons
Pay 19.98
Submit for $25.00 PetSmart Gift Card Rebate (i currently have a ton of these forms, contact me if you cannot find one at your local petsmart)
That comes to $30.02 in overages!

You can print out 2 coupons per account for each item.  Also, you can submit the rebate form twice, from the same address!  If you have 2 petperks accounts (you can sign up online) you can do this offer twice for a total of $60.04 in savings and 80 lbs of cat litter!
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