So I went to wal-mart today and used about 50 coupons.  I had my bill all figured out ahead of time and knew I shouldn't of have to pay more then a couple dollars.  The cashier told me it was $10.50.  There was a lot of drama and I just wanted to leave so I thought, I'll figure it out later.  Here, none of the overages were applied to my total!  I had a bunch of items that were 97 cents or less, and I used a $1 off coupon.  It said it took the $1 off, but it didn't.  I added the entire bill up, and not one red cent was applied!  I called and spoke to a manager and he said it doesn't do it automatically, the cashier has to key it in??  Not sure how or why, but if you're expecting overages at wal-mart, check your total!  They are going to reimburse me...but I don't drive so now I have to find ANOTHER ride to wal-mart to fix a $8.00 mistake!

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